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Product Liability

The attorneys at Benoit, Alexander, Mollerup & Danielson, PLLC understand that defense of a product claim requires particular sensitivity. The manufacturer’s reputation is at risk. We work side by side with the manufacturer’s legal and technical support staff to work towards a result that protects the client’s reputation and financial interests. Our firm has defended a number of manufacturers with products ranging from medical implant devices, to chemicals, to dairy equipment. Thomas B. High and Bren E. Mollerup have authored the Idaho Chapter for DRI on product liability defense.

Our experience allows us to use our resources to efficiently serve the needs of our clients. Over the years, attorneys at Benoit, Alexander, Mollerup & Danielson, PLLC have successfully defended high-profile products cases. Benoit, Alexander, Mollerup & Danielson, PLLC’s success has earned the firm a reputation for handling complex product cases successfully and efficiently. Our team of experienced litigators will work to achieve the best resolution for your product case, large or small.