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126 2nd Avenue North, Twin Falls, Idaho 83301

Estate Planning & Probate in Twin Falls, ID

We give individual attention to the unique needs of every client when assisting in estate planning. Our estate planning and probate attorneys are able to meet the needs of families, individuals, and businesses, while working in close contact with accountants and other professionals. Involving accountants and financial planning professionals ensures that proper attention is given to recent changes in tax and estate law. This multifaceted approach helps to properly manage your assets and ensure your assets are managed according to your wishes.

If probate is needed, our attorneys are experienced in the handling of probate and intestate succession matters. Our experience allows us to cost-effectively prepare the necessary court documentation needed for the probate process. Our attorneys can also offer advice and direction to personal representatives and trustees to ensure they meet the statutory obligations. We can help you achieve an efficient distribution of property and navigate any objections or contests.