All businesses, whether large or small, public or  private, must deal with employee-related legal issues on a day-to-day basis. Benoit, Alexander, Mollerup & Danielson, PLLC’s attorneys can guide you through the labyrinth of employer/employee issues.

It is our goal is to assist clients in avoiding problems and litigation in the first place. This is achieved through proper business practice and communication. Our employment attorneys will partner with your business to create and audit employee handbooks and policies, and assist in properly responding to employee complaints before they become official charges. Our attorneys can assist in properly training employees and supervisors on regulatory and legal matters. The preemptive measures will help avoid problems and minimize disruption.

If claims are made and litigation becomes necessary, Benoit, Alexander, Mollerup & Danielson, PLLC has the experience to provide representation of employers in a wide variety of employment disputes. The firm frequently represents governmental and private employers in claims involving, discrimination, violations of civil rights, sexual harassment, age discrimination, and wrongful termination.


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