Our litigation department is one of our strongest areas of practice. All of our partners have extensive civil trial experience. We utilize the individual experience of each attorney in the areas in which he or she is the most knowledgeable. The attorneys at Benoit, Alexander, Mollerup & Danielson, PLLC are assisted by an excellent and experienced support staff.

Litigation today has become very expensive. In the evaluation of your case, the attorneys at Benoit, Alexander, Mollerup & Danielson, PLLC will always look for a way to avoid litigation. Where possible, we look for every alternative solution to a problem before we recommend that a suit be filed. We will attempt to negotiate and achieve an effective resolution if possible. In every case, we will search for the option that will best avoid a trip to court.

The foremost component of economic litigation is a realistic analysis of the case. We attempt to avoid any activity in a case that does not afford a chance of benefit sufficient to justify the cost. When we believe that your position is not likely to prevail, we will tell you so with the hope that we can minimize damage. Proactive strategies are employed to reduce unnecessary costs. This approach enables our firm to economize in litigation. We are able to bring the highest quality litigation resources to bear upon a problem.

Benoit, Alexander, Mollerup & Danielson, PLLC has the manpower, the experience, and the technology to optimize your position. We are highly experienced in most areas of litigation. Our attorneys regularly practice in state and federal courts across the state of Idaho. We regularly litigate matters such as aviation, commercial disputes, construction, contract, administrative, product liability, insurance, and tort disputes.

Our attorneys pursue appeals through the Idaho Appellate Court system and in the federal system. We appear frequently before the Idaho Supreme Court. We are prepared to handle any appeal from any trial matter.

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